Current projects

Following are the projects that I'm working on:

  • Wh-questions in HKSL

  • Question Answer Pairs in HKSL (current focus)

  • Role shift and indexicality in HKSL (current focus)

  • Negation in HKSL

  • Quantifiers in HKSL

Wh-questions, Question Answer Pairs, Negation and Quantifiers serve to gain a better understanding about the property of the clause-final position of sign languages; Role shift, indexicality, and all other topics listed serve to unveil the picture of information structure in sign languages.

You are very welcome to leave comments, suggestions, and questions. Thank you! >>>

[One of my favorite calligraphies, located at CUHK main library. Lit.: 維: only, as 唯; keep |虛: empty; humble; weak |能: can |受: receive; teach, as 授 ). In my view, you can combine the glossings for possible meaning(s)]
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